The Coggeshall Club
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Our Team

Meet our Team

Miss Tara

Miss Tara is our Director of Child Development.

She comes to us with a lifelong goal of running her own nursery/preschool program, a goal she has had arguably since she was in one herself.

Tara has a wealth of knowledge and has been integral in ensuring we are pulling from all of the best practices in order to set a new high bar for early childhood development programs.

She is focused on the art of play, focused on helping to intuitively see where our kiddos are headed when their little eyes light up as they discover things for the very first time.

We are so deeply grateful to have Tara as our Director in this program and our growing network of clubs.

Accreditations: Bachelors in Early Childhood Development from Salve Regina University, Praxis Certified, RIELDS Certified and always striving to grow and learn.