The Coggeshall Club
Childcare | Coworking | Fitness under one inspiring roof. Enabling every member of the family to live their "whole" life. Because we know "parent" is only part of your job description.
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You are the only person in charge of your life. We are here to help you succeed by throwing out the status quo in order to create an integration of work and life that leaves you feeling great at the start and end of each day as a recent parent. Our goal is to give every member of the family a chance to thrive, under one roof. Without having to choose between work and family.



“Imagine a business that was born out of a dream - about how the world could be and should be.

The founders are on fire to create something of relevance, resonance, and permanence - a business that would far outlive them, that delivers real world value of multiple kinds to everyone it touches. [From day 1]

They want to create a business that their parents and children will be proud of,
that aspires to so much more than making money -
a force for good that enhances the health and well-being of society.

They dream of creating a business that enriches the world by its existence and brings joy, fulfillment, and a sense of meaning to all who are touched by it.


Picture a business built on love and care
rather than stress and fear,
who’s team members are passionate and committed to their work.
Their days race by in a blur of focused intensity, collaboration, and camaraderie.
Far from becoming depleted and burned out, they find themselves at the end of each day newly inspired and freshly committed to what brought them to the business in the first place - the opportunity to be part of something larger than themselves, to make a difference, to craft a purposeful life while earning a living.

Think of a business that cares profoundly about the wellbeing of its customers,

seeing them not as consumers but as flesh-and-blood human beings whom it is privileged to serve.
Its team members experience the joy of service, of enriching the lives of others.

Envision a business that embraces outsiders as insiders, inviting its suppliers into the family circle and treating them with the same love and care it shows its customers and team members.
Imagine a business that is a committed and caring citizen of every community it inhabits, elevating its civic live and contributing in multiple ways to its betterment. Imagine a business that views its competitors not as enemies to be crushed but as teachers to learn from and fellow travelers on a journey toward excellence.

Visualize a business that genuinely cares about the planet and all the sentient beings that live on it,
that celebrates the glories of nature,
that thinks beyond carbon and neutrality
to become a healing force
that nurses the ecosphere back to sustained vitality.

Imagine a business that exercises great care in whom it hires, where hardly anyone ever leaves once he or she joins. Imagine a business with fewer managers, because it doesn’t need anyone to look over people’s shoulders to make sure they are working or know what to do, a business that is self-managing, self motivating, self-organizing, and self-healing like any evolved being.

See in your mind’s eye a business that chooses and promotes leaders because of their wisdom and capacity for love and care, individuals who lead by mentoring and inspiring people rather than commanding them or using carrots and sticks. These leaders care passionately about their people and the purpose of their business and little for power or personal enrichment.

Imagine a business that exists in a virtuous cycle of multifaceted value creation, generating social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, cultural, physical, and ecological wealth and well-being for everyone it touches.

Imagine a business that recognizes that while our planetary resources are limited, human creativity is unlimited and continually fosters the conditions in which its people can rise to their extraordinary, almost miraculous potential.

Such businesses - suffused with higher purpose,
leavened with authentic caring,
influential and inspirational,
egalitarian and committed to excellence,
trustworthy and transparent,
admired and emulated,
loved and respected - do exist…”


The Coggeshall Club lives this from the core of it’s being
and every door we open from this pilot on
will exude this shared philosophy from DAY 1.
Organically building a future positive culture,
feeding the health of our families and communities.

This is us.


This shared philosophy is derived from a passage in the book Conscious Capitalism published by the Harvard Business Review and written by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, Co-CEO’s of Wholefoods Market.