The Coggeshall Club
Childcare | Coworking | Fitness under one inspiring roof. Enabling every member of the family to live their "whole" life. Because we know "parent" is only part of your job description.


Childcare | Coworking | Fitness
Close enough for comfort and easy, cutting down the chaos and optimizing your time for more quality moments. Partnered with career and wellness coaching to take your success to a whole new level, on every level.


New Family

New Routine
New Strategy

Childcare, CoWorking and Fitness under one roof.

Optimizing your time for more quality moments.

Because we know “parent” is only part of your job description

Integrating Work & Life

We are taking a 360˚ approach to raising a thriving family, by addressing your most critical needs together, under one roof.

“I’ve had nannies and have done traditional daycare and just started with the Coggeshall Club. By far it’s the best option I’ve found! Amazing community of caring people who genuinely care about not only the well being of your child but you as the parent.”
- L.S. -

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get more out of your working day, your hard-earned dollar and also feel like you have given time to your children?

Our custom-designed clubs will help our members make the most of their precious early years together while still growing personally and professionally.

The Coggeshall Club has been a complete game-changer for our entire family! The past year in our house was totally fragmented and my husband and I were in constant triage mode, and now, in just a few short weeks of belonging to The Coggeshall Club, a complete and total sense of order and calm has embraced our family! As a mom and an educator, I spend most of my time caring for others, and for the first time in decades, I feel there is a place that cares for me, and my entire family! I can work while watching my child play outside, I can exercise right in the same space, and more than anything else, I can be present and available to my family by the time we all arrive home. This beautiful space is so much more than just a workspace, or just childcare... it’s a community, it’s a network of support, it’s a second home, it’s the dream we all talk about over coffee, and now it’s a reality!
— D.C. Doctor in Behavioral Medicine - Club Member


save time. save money. save you.

Coggeshall Club has been designed to be more cost-effective than separate childcare, fitness and coworking memberships. We put them under one roof, to combine life’s missions in one beautiful location.

Calculate your own time and money savings while checking out the amazing opportunities & amenities you will have to thrive as a member of the Coggeshall Club.



Close enough to the kids to feel secure and empowered. For infants and yearlings this means near enough for bonding/feeding times. Yet, remain set away enough in the building to focus on work, relaxation, self-care or fitness. Our team is ready to help you succeed at building a life you love.


Our membership plans are flexible and customizable to suit your family’s needs.

Join us and live the life you dreamt of when you decided to start a family.